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synonyms for jinmizel are: jinmize, jinmi, jimi


since I cannot stand for not fangirling (by myself) about them even only for a single day. :icontearplz:

but Idek this is counted as headcanons or rather just a mere ramble. :iconleleleplz:

—ah, whatever. I only want to fill my thirst about them by writing this, so it's possible if I end up going nuts lmao. Idc more or less.

:sun: their similarities:
:bulletblack: both have black-white hair
:bulletblack: both are calm with flat expression (...or quite flat affect?)
:bulletblack: jin's eyes are red, while mizel's eyes can turn red
:bulletblack: both have experienced antagonist role
:bulletblack: both are an orphan :>
:bulletblack: both are wearing pants

(okay you can start to judge my cheesiness from here: )

:bulletblack: mizel saw jin first when he's just woke up (or activated) from the tv program that broadcasted in L city (omega dain's location, right?)
:bulletblack: somehow (re: miraculously) mizel start to interested in jin from here #LOL
:bulletblack: after that mizel is broadcasting himself, "mimicking" jin since he was broadcasted before (like, "wow, he looks so cool on tv, I want to be like him too!" :p)
:bulletblack: so, yeah, jin saw mizel first from that broadcast wwww and suddenly fall for him #NO
:bulletblack: when mizel is taking over innovator's HQ, his another motive is to say hello to jin #what (lol I mean, he wants to meet jin, but unfortunately they still can't meet each other...)
:bulletblack: actually jin is want to open mizel's eyes but he never had a chance, so he only can hope that mizel will change by time
:bulletblack: oh wait don't forget when mizel (finally) show himself (in hologram), there's jin there, too
:bulletblack: let's skip to the climax scene. when ban et al fighting mizel, jin is trapped inside the control pod so he can't do anything except waiting for mongoose and cobra to fix/open it
:bulletblack: when seto 50 is explodes, he's worried about ban et al but when they  returned safely, he is relieved. and soon after that; "ban-kun, do you know where mizel is?" he ask ban about mizel, but of course ban cannot answer it properly since he knows what happened to mizel. "ban-kun...?" jin ask again since ban didn't reply it, until suddenly hiro answer it for ban, "...i'm sorry, jin-san... but mizel is..."
:bulletblack: after that (I imagine that) jin is so sad because he left by his dearest one again—first by his parent, and then by his granpa, and now by his beloved one (WHATLMAO). after hiro told him the truth, jin ran toward the location where mizel trouser is collapsed (the same place where seto 50 is explodes), trying to find mizel by digging the pieces of wreckage by his bare hand. jin wants to find mizel so bad, even it's only a piece of his body
:bulletblack: but he never find it
:bulletblack: remember that omega dain has so many mizel's body? yeah, of course they has but those are only an empty "vessel"
:bulletblack: jin determined to bring back mizel by his own
:bulletblack: in the same time, haruka is planned to recreate adam and eve, but, still, jin wants to try revive by his own
:bulletblack: after that jin is decided to continue his study at A city in order to find a way for bring mizel back. 4 years later, he's graduated from college with cum laude
:bulletblack: but his lecturer (aka prof. mito) went missing, so he (along with reina, prof. mito's daughter) seek for him at kamui daimon (since he still needs his lecturer to help him for find a method to bring mizel back, too; beside of his personal business with yagami)
:bulletblack: (sadly, the students recognize jin as "the hero of mizel's incident.") → I read it by myself in the game uhuhu #forevercry
:bulletblack: he learned about optima things a bit from seredy's incident
:bulletblack: oh I'm running out of ideas already
:bulletblack: I don't believe that I wrote these all
:bulletblack: I should feel embarrassed now
:bulletblack: okay I'm out now— #runrunrunning

:bulletblack: lmao I've a super cheesy idea where the future jin finally can revive mizel and sent him to the past so his younger self will be able to meet him again omg this is so cliche lmao

(alternate route)
:bulletblack) so when mizel's body is collapsed actually his data is sent to ban's ccm (and unbeknown by the owner) so we can say that mizel is actually survived from the explodes
:bulletblack: and then mizel find his own way to get the replacement for his old body at omega dain 
:bulletblack: after that he came to jin who is still mourning
:bulletblack: "hi jin I'm a ghost now lol just kidding."
:bulletblack: jin is surprised (of course) as he embraced mizel gently
:bulletblack: after mizel's incident, they want to take some rest. since both  jin and mizel has no family nor relatives, jin asked mizel to stay with him―to live together with him in his house at grace hills
:bulletblack: since jin('s granpa) is rich so he can accomodate/fulfil mizel's needs :p
:bulletblack: after that, their unique relationship (and unique daily life) is started
:bulletblack: uhm so finally they live together under the same roof

(okay start from here are headcanons that related with my fic at ffn, but it's not written in english, so.. I'll try to summarize it)
:bulletblack: despite of his looks, mizel's is still young (if being compared with human's age) so sometimes he can be childish
:bulletblack: since mizel is android, it's only natural if he still don't know nor understand a lot of things
:bulletblack: in other words mizel is still pure innocent as 3 years old kid
:bulletblack: of course, if mizel is curious about something, he'll search for it by his own through his special connection to infinity net
:bulletblack: but his understanding is still limited, so he need jin to explain things for him
:bulletblack: uhm so jin's role is not just as simple as being mizel's lover, but more like.... mizel's guardian, too...
:bulletblack: mizel dislike his another form (yeah, that glowing green things) so whenever jin mention about it... he... never liked it
:bulletblack: whenever mizel is jealous or pissed off, he'll turn off the power supply of the whole city
:bulletblack: jin is kinda over protective, so sometimes he could yell at mizel if he's disobey (?) him nor listening to his words
:bulletblack: err, for example: "jin, I want a kitten." | "no you can't have it." | "eh.. why?" | "because I'm afraid you can't take care of it." | "I can..!" | "no, you can't. despite of it, taking care kitten is not as easy as you think." | "if so; I'll do my best!" | "no, you're 10 years too early for it." | "but―" | "―our discussion finished here. you can go back to your room now." | ".......I hate jin!" (and soon after that the whole grace hills become dark...)
:bulletblack: so whenever the power failure is occurs, it's mizel doing :p and the one who can fix it is only jin (by fixing mizel's mood haha)
:bulletblack: jin always helped mizel to charge his energy by plugging cables to his back :iconnosebleedingplz:
:bulletblack: when jin kissed mizel on lips, mizel is always overheat
―so they never experienced a proper kiss :p
:bulletblack: but slowly but sure mizel's body is start to used to it, so... it's like an rpg game (where more often jin gave him "exp", mizel will become "stronger" to receives a kiss from jin :iconnosebleedgrinplz:)
:bulletblack: (TBC)

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